“Galatians 4:19, says, “My little children, of whom I travail in birth again until Christ be formed in you,” Paul in this text is explaining that he is in constant travail, or the deep dejected sadness in the sorrows of prayer for the formation of Christ in the Galatian believers. What happened? Notice Paul doesn’t use the word transformation, which is “Metamorphosis” but “morphoo” where morphosis comes from. “Meta” deals with the creative work of the New Birth, but morphosis deals with the fashion or the shaping of it. The Galatians began to try and be justified by the works of the law for salvation. This was a perversion of the Gospel delivered to them, therefore causing this deformity. The “church” has taken on a shape that’s unrecognizable to our Lord Jesus! We travail until Christ be truly formed in his bride!!!”

-Anthony Booker

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