That the Top may reach unto heaven…

The name Babylon comes from the name ‘Babili’ or Babilu in Akkadian which means, “gate of god” or “gate of god’s”. This is where a portal was opened in the heavens and the fallen angels came or fell through, hence “gate of gods”. God changed it to Babel which meant confusion. The Tower of Babel was really about space travel. They wanted to build a tower WHOSE top may reach to heaven. The top of the tower. Man’s quest for space in the twentieth century was seemingly realized. Lucifer wanted to ascend to the heavens to be like the most high. Satan wants to fulfill his will in man as they ascend as astronauts into outer space. This is an abomination to God. The towers of the world built by man represent their ascent into the fulfilling of what Satan’s desire was, to be God.

Anthony D. Booker

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