The Locust Vaccine

In Revelation chapter 9, locust come out of the bottomless pit. They had tails like scorpions, meaning it could prick the skin, because they had stings in their tails. They were like horses, and they all had crowns. The Latin word for crown is Corona, but the horses represent the medical field because like Chapter 6, the white horse with the crown is the medical field that take the Hippocratic oath. These locust had breastplates of iron that protect the chest, the respiratory system. The breastplates could also mean they are filling the respiratory system with metal through the stings in their tails. Locust destroy crops, but these destroy the chest area of humanity. And finally they had the faces of men and the hair of women. Notice it didn’t say they had the faces of men and the hair of men, but the hair of women which lets us know what’s behind their demonic assignment. Like Hitler and the Nazis, this last attack is fueled by a census of vaccination.

-Anthony D. Booker

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