Twelve Types of Prophets

1 Raah
2 Choseh
3 Nabiy
4 massa
5 shamar
6 Nataph
7 Mer’ah
8 naba
9 caphar
10 kathub
11 nbuw’ah =prophetic teacher
12 nbiy’ah

There are also levels to prophecy: The first being the spirit of prophecy. The second is the Gift of Prophecy. The third is Prophetic Presbytery. The fourth is Prophetic Preaching. And the fifth is the office of the Prophet.

Caphar is a scribe, the spirit of prophecy is with them. They speak or show forth what is written down. They are recorders, they commune and declare (Est8).

Kathab falls under a writing prophet. the anointing of the scribe: DEscribe, INscribe, PREscribe, and SUBscribe. They can also be Nbuw’ah prophets (preaching and teaching). They are prophetic recorders (EST8)

Massa’ is the prophet of the burden, they carry an utterance. They birth it forth (Pro.31).

Chozeh is a prophetic seer that sees visions, he is a beholder in a vision. He is the prophet of agreement, meaning he/she brings harmony in the prophetic. They see the vast prophetic picture (1Chron.29).

Ra’ah is prophetic seer that prophesies through discerning sight in visions, and dreams, the sense real. They gaze or view into the supernatural realm to perceive and “Mark” the prophetic word (Is.6).

Shamar is the prophet of protection, or the prophetic watchmen, he is the prophet of the guard. This is the only way a prophet can operate as a pastor if he has the grace of guarding (Ps.127:1). Tsaphah is also a watchman but this is one is a seer that watches through visions. They can speak, but only after intimate viewing.

Nabiy’ is a prophet, an inspired man. Who whom God has breathed into to speak his word. The person who operates in this office are themselves the Gift (Gen.20:7, Ephe.4:11).

The complementarian gift to this is Nbiy’ah is a Prophetess. There is a reason why there are two words.

Naba’ is a prophet who sings prophetic utterances. The Song of Lord comes from them. They also prophesy (Ezekiel 37:4)

Nbuw’ah is prophetic teaching, and preaching. Haggai and Zechariah prophesied to the elders and they prospered and built (Ezra 6:14).

Psalms 68:8 says “The earth shook, the heavens also dropped at the presence of God: even Sinai itself was moved at the presence of God, the God of Israel.” The word “dropped” in the Hebrew is the word Nataph, it means to prophesy as drops fall on you. This prophet Discerns when the presence of God falls in a room, on himself, and begins to prophesy and the increase of the presence of God becomes a river.

A Mar’eh prophet is one who is a seer but has visions so real, even apparently, that it could be mistaken as a physical experience. Moses was such a prophet (Num.12:7-8).

-Anthony D. Booker

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