Hitler, the Beast of our time.

“When the Nazis came to power in Germany they had a census of the people taken to measure the purity of the German race. This census was performed through punch cards. They decided to use the 60-column punch card instead of the 45-column card. This card had 60-column’s and 600 hole punch spaces, totaling to the number 660. They used the Tabulating machine made by Herman Hollerith. IBM and the Holocaust by Edwin Black states that “Dehomag (the German subsidiary of IBM) abandoned its 45-column cards and moved to a 60-column format.” The Hollerith machine could process 12,000, 60-column punch cards per hour in sixteen counters and then precision punch its own summaries on to 80-column cards. The 80-column cards were called “Rassenamt” meaning race; but this word also through Gematria also comes out to the number 660. But what significance does the number 660 hold in this time? This number comes to us through a process called Gematria. The English Gematria is a system whereby alphabetical letters have number equivalents. A = 6, B = 12… Z = 156 would be the process using the number 6. Originally Gematria was only used by the Jews. The Greeks began to use a system similar to Gematria called Isopsephy, and English speaking people began to copy the Greeks. Many Greek letters that represented numbers had become obsolete in the classical period. Among these Greek letters was a letter called Digamma which represented the number 6. In Revelation 13: 18, there is a phrase in Greek that we must understand for the furtherance of this book, and that is the phrase “Chi Xi Stigma” which means 600, 60, and cross or X. Many have written it as 666, but that wasn’t possible during the writing of Revelation (The Mystery of 666).

Stigma was never supposed to represent the number 6. It is a cross or a mark. Catholic scholars forced this letter to represent 6, even though Stigma was added at a later time; it is here that we have to understand why God allowed it to be in this verse. Notice that Stigma is a cross of two words. James Strong of the Strong’s Concordance says it is a cross of the Greek Alphabet. Now Looking at the phrase “Chi Xi Stigma” we can see it as “Chi = 600, Xi = 60, or 660 and Gammadion. A Gamma looks like an upside down “L” but Gammadion is four capital Gammas. We know it better in history as the Swastika.

So, the original language is 660, or 660 and Stigma. This isn’t happenstance, for Adolf Hitler’s name comes out to the number 660. Other names of importance that add up to the number 660, using the English Gematria of A = 6, B = 12.… Z = 156, are “Antiochus”. This is Antiochus IV, which came against Israel from 175 B.C to 164 B.C. he desecrated the Jewish temple which would be a shadow of things to come in the tribulation period. Nero is the next person whose name comes out to the number 660. Nero’s full name was Nero Cladius Caesar Drusus Germanicus. His name “Germanicus” is what adds up to the number 660. The next name I want to look at is Charles Darwin’s teaching called “Darwinism” that term also adds up to the number 660. This teaching impacted Hitler’s beliefs.

Rev. 13: 18, says the following, “Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast…” the tabulating machine that Nazi Germany used for the census was a counting machine. It’s also interesting that the word “tabulator” adds up to the number 660, as well. The phrase “great dragon” found in Revelation 12: 9, using the Gematria of A = 6, and Z = 156, comes out to the number 660. This ‘great dragon’ is none other than Satan. There is another name found in the Bible that portrays this number, and it’s found in Revelation 9: 11, which says: “And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon.” The name “Apollyon” also comes out to the number 660. Hitler was possessed by the fallen angel Apollyon. Apollyon in Greek legend was Apollo, and in Egyptian legend he is Horus. He is also Wotan of Germanic Mythology. He is the little horn of Daniel. In ancient history Germany was a province of Rome. Nero’s name was also called “Germanicus”. But if there be any consolation, the word ‘Deutschland’ the name by which Germans call Germany comes out to the number of 666.” Anthony D. Booker

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